Frequently Asked Questions

What are the default hotkeys?

The default hotkeys vary by keyboard layout. To look them up or customize them, click DemoPro in your menubar.

What is DemoPro's privacy policy?

DemoPro does not collect any personal data at all.

I press the hotkey for a drawing tool and nothing happens?

To draw on the screen, you need to hold the hotkey down (this will add the pen color to your cursor), draw on the screen with your mouse or trackpad while holding the hotkey, then release the hotkey to resume your demonstration.

On the keyboard for some countries (like Germany) the default hotkeys are not recognized. While we are working on a fix, you should set your own hotkeys: open the DemoPro menu, click the button for the hotkey that you would like to set, press the new hotkey, that's it. Hotkeys are a combination of at least two keys. The first one has to be CTRL, OPTION or CMD.

How do I erase my annotations?

There is a hotkey for that. Look it up by clicking DemoPro in your menubar.

Can DemoPro be used with a drawing tablet?

Yes. If you have a drawing tablet like a Wacom Intuos, you can use your stylus to draw on any application (pen pressure is currently not supported).

Can you add zoom capability?

Zooming capability using hotkeys is already built-in MacOS, but you need to enable it. Look under System Preferences > Accessibility > Zoom to turn it on and select a modifier key.

Does DemoPro support multiple screens?


Why another screen annotation tool?

I developped DemoPro because I couldn't find an affordable, lightweight, unobtrusive, and fast tool for live presentations on the mac similar to ZoomIt on Windows.